Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Adulthood for the birds or what?

Do you remember as a teen you wished for no one to tell you what to do? When things didn't go you way you threatened to run away? Someone made your meals, paid your bills, and washed your clothes?

              Yes, I do well. I can't believe we rush through lives with our eyes shut. I am full time college student and for once I just want to be told what to do and how to do it! If I run away my problems will get bigger! On our budget retail therapy isn't an option. As an adult no one guides you to the right decisions. The choice you make affect others and yet no guidance? I run our house financially, meal planning, and cleaning (which is lacking severally).

              The lack of cleaning is due to my school schedule being crazy. I work now and LOVE my job. My co-workers are amazing. It is hard being away from Little Man but I know it is worth it. I am a college student Monday-Friday and a nurse Saturday and Sunday. Least just say my house is the absolute last thing I have time for at this point in my life. I need a maid, when that works for compliments and fun because again the budget doesn't allow for that. I must mention that I make the budget. :)

              Ok, I am done wining... I hope. I am stressed to the max! I am trying to decide which nursing school to apply to. What insurance we need as a family so The Afford Health Care Act doesn't rape us. I really not certain how fair it is that I am a full time college student, that owns a home, and cars and the government thinks it is their job to govern my healthcare. I pay taxes and feel completely misrepresented by the people who are making such life altering decision for the general populous. I also might aid, not like other uninsured Americans we don't run to the Emergency Room when we get a hang nail and not pay the debt. I feel we will be one of the ones that doesn't qualify for a health care subsided because we make $3.00 to much.  I thought adulthood would be way different, I guess is my bottom line.

              So on to the other news, I hate Chemistry! HATE IT WITH A PASSION! Closing words of advise if you are young don't waste it on being a stupid teenager work hard, save ever penny, and enjoy life everyday like it could be your last.

That's all
I am done


Monday, April 22, 2013


     Tonight I made a totally different version of chili and it was a hit! Usually I use tomato sauce and tonight I used tomato soup, I also add 2 cups of spinach, a handful of baby carrots, and three celery stalks processed, and a teaspoon of unsweetned cocoa powder. IT WAS YUMO! Will do again fo so!

  I start my new job Thursday and I can't wait. I purchased new scrub pants and shoes for their dress code. I am currenty waiting oon the scrub bottoms and breaking the shows in. I am so excited to have another source of income as well as provied for my family. I love the nursing industry. It is my true calling if you will.

     Still wanting to know how all the working mommies juggle work, family, and house hold chore. This is really my big fear is that working and going to school will make me miss some other really important responsiblility. Oh well, it is a must and I will make it work!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Job offer!!!

          So I have class an hour away tonight so the boys will be left to their own devices this evening for dinner. This is my last regular test before finals and I can't wait for this semester to end. It has gone on for an eternity.

          The real news of the day I have excepted a job offer in my local town. It is a nursing postiion and I couldn't be more pleased. So how do working moms do it? Work, Dinner, family time? Please let me know how all of you manage. I have been considering bulk shopping and prepartion of food like one day a week. If I bulk ship once a month I will still have to go get produce like once a week. ANYWAYS so help if possible.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

            So I have been slacking on blogging… I never knew how hard this would be to keep up with. Last night for dinner we grilled out. We made stir fry chicken packets, chicken fajita packets, brauts, hamburgers, and mixed veggies. I cooked all this food in hopes of leftovers so I don’t have to cook because I have a patho test tomorrow, the last one before finals. I really hate this class but love the information. I wish we had a better teacher. I understand some can be lost when you take a blended class but this class seems like an afterthought to the instructor. Since it is a 2000 level course and a prerequisite to a bachelor’s degree I think more time should be spent instructing. Just my opinion though.

Nothing new in my life to blog about. I am waiting to hear from the multiple places who have inquired about my resume. Waiting for my son’s appointment with the orthopedic specialist to see how much longer he will be tortured with his cast.


If I forget to blog the next couple of days have a good week. My heart truely goes out to those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing yesterday.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Okay, Crazy day turned crazy week

     Yesterday I made Chicken Tortilla soup, which is tonight's leftovers as I have no desire to cook. Since my son broke his leg he hasn’t been able to return to school yet.  Bummer for me is because I can’t study well with him here, love the little guy but he is a HUGE distraction.

     All that being said we went to a the orthopedic specialist Tuesday and he doesn’t need surgery and should only be in cast for four weeks, not the six we were original told, which means summer activities will not be hampered for him in the least.

     I am a License Practical Nurse working towards my Bachelors of Nursing. I have only worked as a nurse for a short time and it prove to be way more difficult than I ever dreamed at the time. I have been job hunting and really enjoy thinking about having career verse a job. I think the extra income will help us a ton. I have had two interviews this week and really like both opportunities.

     However, I am afraid of what working and going to school will do to my already busy schedule but I want to be able to afford all the things we want. Like new tile, karate for the boy, I want to redo all of our tile, landscape the yard. Ya know all the things one income isn't affording us. Now don’t get me wrong my hubby works hard but I feel as though financially I am not pulling my weight.

       In two years I would like to have our house ready to sell if we want. Today I would die if a realtor walked through our house right now. Don’t get me wrong our house is nice but it needs the extra to bring it on around to awesome. We got a super killer deal on our house three years ago and have put a lot in to but I want the option to move if we so desire. As it stands now we mostly won’t but we may change our minds. Plus I want to have all of our ducks in a row in case we have to move.

      This will be the first time I have worked a full time job since before nursing school and I am thrilled and scared all at the same time. I know I will miss my little man and being home with him when he is off school but I and we need this.

      Sorry I have been absent the last several days. A toddler with a broken leg is a lot of work.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Crazy Day

         Tonight I made Stuffed Peppers.
This was awesome, however I doubled the rice and went over my daily caloric allowance. Bummer, worth it though because it as delcious. They are a little spicy so I made my son Spaghetti with red sauce.

         April 6, 2013, Saturday My son, 2.5 broke his leg:( He was ran over by a dog at my house. He can't walk, go to school, or run out all the extra energy. He is going stir crazy and it is only day two. I must say he is being a trooper though and I can not tell you how thankful I am we own an iPad. He loves the iPad and it allows for extra entertainment when he is tired of playing with the toys he is still able to play with. He will be in a cast for six weeks and may have to have surgery. We are going to see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for that to be determined.

       I had a job interview today that I believe went well. I HOPE I get the position. It is less pay than I hoped for but awesome benefits which helps a ton. Needless to say other than a non-mobile toddler nothing is new. Have a good evening internet word.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Beautiful day

       Today the weather is beautiful so my husband and I have agreed to grill out tonight. We are having organic chicken breast marinaded in Italian dressing, fresh grilled corn on the cob, a griller packet with yellow squash, green bell pepper, onions, and fresh garlic, baked potatoes, and a  green salad. I have everything ready to except for the grill. My husband does all the cooking outside so this is kind of a break when we grill except I have to prepare.
      We have a fifty five gallon aquarium in our house. We have tiger barbs, golden barbs, an African butterfly fish, several clown loaches, and a pleco. I have ha fish for about fifteen years and love the experience. About a year ago one of my favorite fish died. It as a Dojo Weather loach. They are quiet fascinating because they respond to barometric pressure changes. This particular fish only comes out when the weather is crazy! Almost a month ago I ordered another one from our local pet shop and it came into day! I am so excited for our first thunder strom so I can show our son the fish he has named Marlin.

       This morning a made five dozen waffles and pancakes, healthy kind of course. I make them twice a month and freeze them for fast and easy breakfasts in the mornings. I made blueberry, banana, and regular. My son won't eat bread hardly ever but he eats these plain like they are candy!
 My favorite recipe for both is and I just add whatever fruit strikes my fancy or I have on hand...

My husband will be off for the weekend soon. We are planning to start our garden seedlings this weekend and till our garden spot up. I am super excited. I also want to clean my son room. It has a bunch of baby stuff and he is no longer a baby. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Bye for now.